Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lovely ceramics by New Zealand Artist Rachel Carley
I can't find any Australian stockists, but we can just look and dream...

Very cool table idea! Paint your tabletop with a few coats of chalkboard paint and draw your own placemats!

Snowys were beautiful. I will post some pics here on the weekend 
(still sorting through the 300+ photos!)
For now, here are a few images inspired by the recent rainy days...

via Lychee Kiss at Etsy seen at Lovely Clusters

 ffffound again!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Have a lovely weekend. I'll be in the Snowy Mountains until Australia Day, Tuesday.
I'm hoping to take some lovely photos in the mountains. 
Have fun...

These mixed media artworks are from a little series called "Carry Me Home" by America (Portland-based) artist Amy Ruppelfound via illustration blog Pikaland 

I like the shapes and patterns in this design project found on is on online marketplace of art and craft and all kinds of little treasures. These handmade rosebud hair pins are only $9.95 from 'Paper and Ribbons'

Love these paper butterfly artworks from Mondocherry

Thursday, January 21, 2010

See you tomorrow...

Can't afford to go shopping... 
but I can just look and admire these dresses from Rose and Ruby

LOVE this photo

Have You Met Miss Jones makes some wonderfully quirky bone china pieces

found via visualnotes
Kirsten Ash is a jewellery designer based in Sydney. Her pendants feature tiny charms or vintage images enclosed in resin, see more at Carousel ponies, owls, bluebirds, lovehearts, what more could a girl want?

This image says summer to me...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melboune-based 'Lightly' create wall hanging butterflies and swallows from vintage / recycled saucers. They are $45-55 each, available online. There is also a range cut from vintage patterned glass plates. A bit of nostalgia for your wall.

Hello. I have been admiring the work of New York based typographer / illustrator Jessica Hische. Her beautiful work looks so time-consuming! She says, depending on the piece most designs take just a few hours. Although some more elaborate artwork can take up to a few days to complete. Some big clients have come her way such as Tiffany and Co, The New York Times, American Express, Victoria's Secret. Jessica also has a blog called "" where she creates a beautiful capital letter each day that you can download, or purchase a print to frame.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have a lovely day tomorrow. It's hump-day. Hooray! Only three more days before I head to the Snowy Mountains. It snowed 2cm in Thredbo this week, that's impressive for an Australian summer!
Even if there's no snow, I've been told the mountain walks and wildflowers are lovely this time of year.

Here's a crafty idea: shadow/memory boxes with craft paper backgrounds to decorate a sideboard. Thanks to

I used to read the blog Michelle recently stopped blogging to focus on her design studies. Not long ago she fabulously re-labeled these soda bottles for her grandparents wedding anniversary party. The new flavours are Leonora Lime (after her grandma) and Maynard Mango (for grandpa). Such a great party idea.

I love this beach house found on via
It's at Grotto Bay, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.


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