Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Black and White

I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves...
Enjoy the rest of your week!

images from here 

Oh-so-peaceful interior...

Woodland wedding

I don't really have a need to collect wedding inspiration being already married and all, but I just can't stop admiring other people's weddings. Look at this one- it would have to be one of my favourites to date. A woodland / cotton-themed wedding. Discovered via The Green Wedding Shoes.

The cotton garlands and bouquets are so gorgeous and unique. 
Where do these people get their brilliant ideas from?

A dessert buffet from heaven...

Totally amazing, right?

The Twin Set

These pretty pics are the work of Australian girls Renee-Anne 
and Angela D’Alton. They run an online Vintage / Retro clothing shop together "The Twin Set" which you can visit here I love how they haven't just photographed the outfits flat, or on a mannequin but have taken the time to 
dress-up and photograph each piece creatively.

And here's a couple of pages from their 'look book'...

Secret hiding places

This little hiding place in a children's room looks like fun....

from here

And here's the grown-ups version...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Enjoy your week...

Until I blog again...

Sweetness and light

Delicious styling and photography by Australian-born Paul Barbera
Such soft light and colour... this pic is my favourite:

See more at the ever-inspiring Decor8


I was kicked out of ballet class as at child (about this little girl's age) 
because I was a daydreamer...
It broke my heart.
Still a daydreamer though. And proud of it.

tutu pretty

I have always had a soft spot for tutu / tulle skirts since my brief childhood days as a ballerina. I just love them. I used to work on Madison magazine and my editor would occasionally wear a pouffy tutu skirt to work, one even more colourful and puffy than these (something you could only do in a women's 
fashion magazine office!). They are so fun and fanciful.

About two weeks ago I saw one in Sportsgirl just like this. Though it's not in the 'online shop' part of their website at the moment which is strange... but they do feature a pic of it in the style-me section:

And Forever New have a soft pink one for only $59.95.


I was at the shops briefly yesterday afternoon and had to pop into Kikki-K when I saw cute this cute little mushroom / toadstool range displayed in the window. Here's just a few of the items...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm heading out...

... to enjoy the last of the weekend. Hope you are enjoying yours.

Photography by Mark Bordons via Fleur Avenue


Cute graphics and concept behind these 2010love shirts spotted over at Kind over Matter. "2010love is a symbol created to inspire people to make a positive change in their own lives and the lives of others..."

... read all about it here, purchase a shirt here, and download desktop wallpaper here. I just love the typography!

Queen B

I didn't know until recently about the differences between soy and parrafin wax candles. Parrafin wax, which your standard candle is petrolium based and is less clean burning, producing soot when it burns. 
Soy is much cleaner and is of course plant-based which sounds much more pleasant than something that comes from crude oil.

Australian company Queen B makes Beeswax candles which are also clean burning, more environmentally friendly and support Australian beekeepers. Look online here for their full range.

Tamara Muth-King

Beautiful photographs by Tamara Muth King. So soft and feminine. She even makes camping look pretty.


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