Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poppies for Grace

I bought some Stationery online this week from Poppies for Grace. I posted about this some time ago but have finally made the purchase. The butterfly notepads (I bought the multi-coloured stripe) were only $12.95 AUD and apart from their obvious use as a notepad, they can also become gift tags and wall-art. You just need to fold up their wings to give them shape... 
I have a few fluttering about my desk at work.
I also purchased some letter-writing paper from their "sale items" section, which was quite a steal. 60 sheets of mixed prints (each of the prints below) for $30 AUD. 60 is quite a lot of letters so I think this will last me a while! They were on sale as the ink on the back (the lines for writing on) were printed in a slightly faded grey rather than black. No matter though as I think I prefer the grey anyway. I also thought this paper could be used to wrap small gifts perhaps...

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