Sunday, March 7, 2010


I had a such a lovely weekend. I did a little bit of shopping on saturday, dinner with my husband on saturday night (my boss said to have a dinner out somewhere really nice and he would pay the bill as a thanks for all my hard work lately - thanks David!) so my husband and I dined in style! 
Delicious - and the dessert was to die for. A chocolate fondant 
(like a warm moist cake with melted chocolate inside) Mmmm.

Today I went to the pottery studio to help do a 'spring clean' (in Autumn) and then a little practicing on the wheel in the afternoon. I have made three simple little bowls on the wheel. Hooray! I'm so excited I could actually make something that didn't fall over. No photos of my work to show unfortunately but here's a little bowl I made a week ago by hand-building. Not sure what colour to glaze it yet, 
it's kind of pretty just white.

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