Sunday, May 16, 2010

finders keepers faves

Hello, sorry for lack of posts. Life has been busy! This week I'm going post my favourite designers/artists/inspiring people from Finders Keepers. There were so many amazing stalls there... actually I don't think there was even a bad one, they were all interesting and inspiring and super-creative. So here goes, a week of
my favourites...

Cute and quirky timber brooches and other jewellery pieces by Perth based artist and illustrator. Head to the etsy store to see more. Click here.

More timber brooches. I made a purchase this time. A little pink, lace-patterned bird brooch for $22. Click here for more designs.

One of me favourite stalls was Paperklip. I didn't buy many things at Finders Keepers-- I was mostly looking and being inspired. I couldn't resist making a little purchase here though. Melinda from Paperklip makes paper garlands, gift tags and other crafty bits and pieces from vintage and new decorative papers. I bought a blue-hued butterfly garland for $19 (which I haven't quite decided where to hang yet) and another garland which is a neutral-toned (creams, whites, some soft pinks & beiges) and is a collection of hearts, flowers & flags which was also only $19 and is now draped across my dressing-table mirror looking ever-so-fine.

Click here if you can't resist owning a garland of your own. And here for Melinda's website/blog and read more about her work.

That's all for today. More finds tomorrow. Have a lovely monday, with hopefully no monday-itis feelings. See you tomorrow...

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