Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Holiday snaps

Hello, I'm back from holiday! 
I had such a wonderful time. My husband and I drove down through south-east Australia, along the Great Ocean Road and then over to Kangaroo Island. We camped along the way, it was so relaxing getting out into nature and away from computers / emails / mobile phones for a break. We saw so much amazing scenery and wildlife too. I especially loved the Australian sea-lion colony where there were lots of cute pups snoozing in the sun. One evening when driving back to our camp we came across a koala walking across the road. It sat there while I got out of the car to take a photo (see photo at bottom) it was possibly the closest I've been to a koala in the wild. I was able to walk right up to it and take some really close-up photos. And of course, lots of kangaroos...

The second part of the holiday we drove via Adelaide, up to the outback mining town of Broken Hill before heading back home. I was blown away by the deep orange / red of the earth. The below pics were taken an Silverton, 
outside of Broken Hill.
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