Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love vintage caravans...

I have a secret dream of buying an old caravan and 'renovating' it like this. I'd make it pretty with retro pastels and take it for seaside holidays as often as I could. Unfortunately I live in a little townhouse with nowhere to store the van... but maybe one day...

As seen on Green Wedding Shoes via Love Obsess Inspire, this van is owned by US (California-based) "Enjoy Cupcakes" will sweeten any event from weddings, baby showers, parties with a visit from their trailer and a smorgasboard of cakes and treats. You should read the list of available cupcake flavours on their website! There's over 120 kinds, including many 'grown-up' flavours such as vanilla mascapone chardonnay, caramel pinot & tangerine mint mimosa. Yummo.

And here's a trailer based in Kansas City that serve Sno-cones (with many grown up flavours as well) from their 1957 Shasta caravan. 
"Fresher than Fresh"... So much fun!


  1. I like that caravan idea. You should do it! That particular caravan is adorable.

    Townhouse, who cares. The neighbours will love it. ;)

  2. Yeah... but like, our car is in the driveway and our street is so narrow that we couldn't even park it out the front. Bummer. One day when I'm rich and can move to a house in a normal street...

    Cool idea though hey?!!?



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