Monday, August 2, 2010

Roots & Wings

On the weekend I visited the pretty town of Berry. I haven't been there for a quite a while but it's always such a treat. Last time I was there (well over a year ago) I spent most of my time at the Sunday markets, however this weekend I shopped the main street with my sister and my friend Lauren. There's so many beautiful stores, it was so much fun. I love how there are so many unique finds in small towns compared to the cookie-cutter / same-same products found
in big city shopping malls.
My ultimate, all-time favourite store of the weekend (or possibly ever) was Roots & Wings. Beautiful fashion (albeit a little out of my budget), homewares & accessories. I wanted to buy pretty much everything in store. Read about owner Rebecca Riles and the story behind the store here.

images via the Daily Imprint and Roots & Wings

Hopefully it wont be too long before I head down the South Coast again...!
Other favourite stores were Cabana Joes and Haven & Space 
(but there are so many others)
If you live in Sydney, you need to take a day trip down to Berry. It's one of my favourite places & the scenery on the drive down there isn't bad either. Green pastures meet the stunning blue ocean.

photography from this Flickr page

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