Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend in the country

Hello, a day late but as promised a little post on my weekend in Mudgee, NSW. It was so wonderful to get out of the city and into the green fields and big blue skies.
For the overseas readers, Mudgee is a small country town about 3.5 hrs drive north west of Sydney & it is one of the oldest wine-regions in Australia. The name Mudgee is quite unusual... I read that it is an Aboriginal word meaning "little nest in the hills" which is an appropriate way of describing such a pretty place. There had been a fair bit of rain in the week before we arrived so everything looked particularly lush & green.

We stayed at Kurrara Cottages which are nestled on a hill overlooking the vineyards. Our cottage looked even better in real-life than on their website photos which was a lovely surprise as usually it's the other way around with accommodation! I'd definitely go back there for a treat. Here's some pics from outside the cottage on the misty Sunday morning. So beautiful.

There were spring blossoms everywhere. Even on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We pulled over on the drive home to pick handfuls of blooming branches but unfortunately they didn't last the journey home and shed petals like snowfall all over the back of the car.
The little cabins
 In town
A little recommendation if you ever find yourself in Mudgee is the stunning Juliet Horsely Homewares. I wanted to buy everything but restrained myself... rustic mirrors & lamps, delicate glass and porcelain pieces, woven baskets, cowboy hats, handmade jewelley. Ooh a treasure trove of country-flavoured goodness.

3 images above from Juliet Horsley's website

Oh, and her branding isn't half bad either:
identity by Kleimeyer

On the topic of good design, Logan's winery in Mudgee was pretty inspiring. Apart from a good vino and a super-stylish cellar door/tasting room, their bottle packaging was something special.

Each bottle of wine in their premium range has an embroidery to match. Fruits & flowers in the embroidery match the flavours & personalites of the wines.

Packaging by War Designs

And another range they have, Weemala, has sweet little local birds on the labels. 

So that's my little weekend away. Lots of fun, relaxation & inspiration.


  1. 'Weekend In The Country'
    Hi Carla, its Sandy & Sean from 'Kurrara Cottages Retreat' in Mudgee. Just thought we would post you a little note to say thank you for your lovely comments & beautiful pictures, it was a pleasure to have you stay as our guests. Mudgee has so much to offer, its so beautiful during the Spring months, everything just comes back to life, a carpet of glorious colours, birds singing, sweet scented blossoms - the whole countryside comes alive. Its the peace one feels when they sit back & realise how lucky we are to live in a wonderful country with so much to offer & enjoy ! Warm Wishes Sandy & Sean 'Kurrara Cottages Retreat' - Mudgee

  2. Hello,
    Thankyou for your comment. We really enjoyed our stay. So relaxing & so beautiful!



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