Thursday, October 28, 2010

This bird has flown...

I'm taking a mini blog-break. Only one week. Back on the 8th Nov, so please fly on back to The Bower then. xx

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Monday, October 25, 2010


Just posting this 'cause it's pretty, hope you don't mind...

Have a happy week...

Take time to daydream

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Lilac Wedding

Beautiful styling for a country wedding...

Friday, October 22, 2010

heavenly handmade

Made by Mosey is an Esty store of handmade creations by Madeleine Sargent featuring bunting, mobiles and patchwork pretties.
 vintage floral bunting
 baby-sized bunting

I'm really loving bunting at the moment, so fun & colourful.
Made by Mosey designs are stocked at a number of stores but you can also buy from here, read Madeleine's blog here or visit her website.


Beautiful tea cup lights by Gregory Bonasera.


I was on the lookout for some interiors to post but found myself amused by unusual exteriors...

This 'nest' is part of a luxury eco-resort in Sweden, Treehotel. The hotel's philosophy is to allow people to be 'at harmony with nature amongst the trees'. A number of architect-designed treehouses are scattered throughout the forest. The Nest room caught my eye with it's organic & whimsical presence.
Found via Notcot.

Also in Scandinavia, this time Norway. I never knew this before but 'green' rooftops are common in this part of the world. The word Torvtak, translated literally is 'turf roof'. They vary widely from golden grasses to mosses, flowers and even small trees. The turf roof provides stability to the house structure, insulation, and when properly prepared last many years. This house (above) looks like a fairy-house to me... I think those trees have been growing for quite a few years and look like they're getting
a little heavy... Read more here and here.
Broken roof tile? Klaas Kuiken has come up with this concept birdhouse tiles.

More from the clever Swedes: One+ is a modular housing system, allowing a house to be built using pre-fabricated 'cubes'. As many cubes as you like, really. Local materials are used as well as energy efficient windows and doors. The single module example in the images just above looks like a lovely weekend retreat.

And finally, something that's a bit less 'eco' than the previous. These aerial photographs are human development (housing estates) shot from above in Florida. Interesting patterns but a bit sad when you see that the land was cleared for housing but much of it lies in disuse, a shame it was cleared, really. See the full set and story here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy wednesday

Have a happy 'hump-day'. I'm wondering about what to post later in the week / weekend. I think I'm a little lacking in interiors? What do you think? Is there anything you would like to see more of?
Goodbye 'til then...

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I want to ride my bicycle...

I'm so excited about my new bike. Can't wait for the weekend to go for a nice long ride. I just had to check out a few bike blogs... and look what I found:

via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Emerald + Ella

I just discovered this little gem of an online store today. Emerald + Ella is an Australian store stocking a small range of eclectic pieces for the home and for entertaining. I love the old-fashioned paper drinking straws, the cupcake wrappers in rainbow colours, and there's also a range of very cool stamped gift tags.

Everything is reasonably priced... stop by and take a look, you may find the perfect piece for your next party.

A spot of Tea?

This sweet tea book from the portfolio of designer Linna Xu is such a cute idea,
I had to share it.

Love Vintage

As promised a few pics from the Love Vintage fair. They had some of the most beautiful vintage dresses I've ever seen, these pictures don't do them justice.
These 50's dresses were from Coutura Vintage:

The above two were quite dear: $580AU, which I guess isn't too bad considering how stunning they are (and in mint conditon). However, sadly, I couldn't justify spending so much on dresses I wouldn't often have the chance to wear. Perhaps next year...?!

The white one would make the perfect vintage wedding dress, don't you think?

And a couple more photos, I really should have taken more. These exhibitors don't have websites, so I can't provide links unfortunately.
Coutura Vintage
Pitt Trading

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sunday

I'm off to the Love Vintage Fair tomorrow. Despite being ill with a nasty cold... I just have to get myself there. How could I turn it down? And besides, I've already paid for a class at the Lindy Charm School for Girls, which is running at the fair. I'll tell you all about it when I return!

Image via Polli

DIY Doillies

Love this Doily project over at The Happy Home.

Curiouser and curiouser

A hand carved leaf. Amazing right?
This company in China carve away the top layer of leaves, creating silhouttes and leaving the intricate veins intact. Read about the process here. Via Feminine Modern.

H is for house

This letter 'h' made me smile.
It was created by Laura from See Hear Say

Tabitha Emma

Super talented Tabitha Emma has a beautiful blog and etsy shop too. I love this bunny in a teacup brooch for sale in her shop. And the teacups & bunnies artwork below too. So many sweet, handmade gifts.


Amazing papercut artworks by Su Blackwell spotted over at Polli.

Click here for more.


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