Friday, October 22, 2010


I was on the lookout for some interiors to post but found myself amused by unusual exteriors...

This 'nest' is part of a luxury eco-resort in Sweden, Treehotel. The hotel's philosophy is to allow people to be 'at harmony with nature amongst the trees'. A number of architect-designed treehouses are scattered throughout the forest. The Nest room caught my eye with it's organic & whimsical presence.
Found via Notcot.

Also in Scandinavia, this time Norway. I never knew this before but 'green' rooftops are common in this part of the world. The word Torvtak, translated literally is 'turf roof'. They vary widely from golden grasses to mosses, flowers and even small trees. The turf roof provides stability to the house structure, insulation, and when properly prepared last many years. This house (above) looks like a fairy-house to me... I think those trees have been growing for quite a few years and look like they're getting
a little heavy... Read more here and here.
Broken roof tile? Klaas Kuiken has come up with this concept birdhouse tiles.

More from the clever Swedes: One+ is a modular housing system, allowing a house to be built using pre-fabricated 'cubes'. As many cubes as you like, really. Local materials are used as well as energy efficient windows and doors. The single module example in the images just above looks like a lovely weekend retreat.

And finally, something that's a bit less 'eco' than the previous. These aerial photographs are human development (housing estates) shot from above in Florida. Interesting patterns but a bit sad when you see that the land was cleared for housing but much of it lies in disuse, a shame it was cleared, really. See the full set and story here.

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