Sunday, November 28, 2010

3 days 'til summer...

...for Australia. I hear from my friend in New York that there's been snow (hi Monica!)

Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead, wherever you are in the world.

Summer afternoon... summer afternoon
-the two most beautiful words 
in the english language
Henry James

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be yourself

Alll white

There's just something about white cotton dresses...
Photography by Jose Villa.

Little dream

When I was little I used to dream about living in a house with an attic room, with sloping ceilings and a little window that looks out onto the world.
From here via here.

I heart food

I had seen Katie Quinn Davies' portfolio on her website a while ago but for some reason never ended up seeing her blog. I discovered it this week and it's amazing! Beautiful photography + all the recipes.

Katie is based in Australia and sometimes blogs on her visits to various farmer's markets, restaurants, etc. What a treat. Visit What Katie Ate.

Made for two

Had to post it. Made me smile.

Kiki & Polly

I love the simplicity of these paintings by Lisa Golightly. Available in her etsy store.

Listening to...

...Lisa Mitchell singing Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits here. 
Which I first heard on this album.

Inspired... this soft and sweet Swedish interior from Fryd + Design.

Collette Dinnigan: dreamy dresses

I always knew Collette Dinnigan made stunning dresses... but I kind of forgot for a while until Jess at work was looking on the Collette Dinnigan website for a bridesmaid's dress to wear to her brother's wedding. I was blown away by these darling dresses. Ooh, I'll take one of each please...  :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy, busy...

There's been a terrible lack of posts here lately, right? I'm ever so sorry. It is because
I have been very distracted, busily working away on a new venture! How exciting!
I'm starting a new online business in January 2011 and have been spending all of my spare moments outside of work, designing, photographing, preparing templates for my web developer- phew! I hope to give you a sneak-peak very soon.

Meanwhile, I found this cool pic on one of my favourite reads You Are My Fave, this evening. How beautiful are the flowers? Do you think they are peonies? They look like peonies... they are my most favourite flower, closely followed by hydrangeas and big, fat, country roses. If someone gave me a bunch of flowers this big I would die and go
to heaven.
Pic from here.

And I also loved this sweet, handpainted notebook from The Paper Dialogues.
Some people are so clever and inspiring...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Have a lovely weekend...

I just love this photograph by Chris Glass. Such beautiful colour. Makes me hungry for ice-cream.

Paper & Ribbons

Pretty vintage-style hair pins, handmade in Melbourne. I especially like the set with the bird...

Find the Paper and Ribbons Etsy store here
inspiration via Calico & Co.

I've been sunning myself...

... in sunny Queensland. I despise winter and this was the first chance to really shed the winter clothes, wear summery dresses and put on my swimmers for the first time this season (eek!).

My husband and I spent the week with friends on Fraser Island, a spectacular sand island with pristine lakes, lush rainforsests, windswept beaches and just a whole lot of general amazing-ness. We are quite into camping and 4wding- no resort accomodation for us this holiday. The best way to enjoy Fraser is to camp and really experience the outdoors. We were away from computers and emails, had no TV, no phone reception and it was truely awesome to disconnect completely & unwind.

This (below) is Lake McKenzie. An inland freshwater lake with pure white sand and clear water. You can see where it drops down deep as the blue darkens. How absolutely beautiful is the colour of the water...?!

Below is a dingo on Eastern beach. We saw a few dingoes on the beach but camped in a fenced campground so we didn't have to worry about them lurking about our camp at night. They are very crafty & cunning and have learned to open food storage containers & rip tents in search of food. You have to be really careful not to leave anything food about for them or receive a $3000 fine from the National Parks & Wildlife Service. When you see them they look so friendly and like any domestic dog, however they can be agressive when provoked- you have to just admire from a distance. The Fraser Island dingoes are the purest of breeds in Australia due to their island habitat.

Shearwaters resting on the beach...
Stormy evening (with a little ribbon of pink sunset).


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