Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy, busy...

There's been a terrible lack of posts here lately, right? I'm ever so sorry. It is because
I have been very distracted, busily working away on a new venture! How exciting!
I'm starting a new online business in January 2011 and have been spending all of my spare moments outside of work, designing, photographing, preparing templates for my web developer- phew! I hope to give you a sneak-peak very soon.

Meanwhile, I found this cool pic on one of my favourite reads You Are My Fave, this evening. How beautiful are the flowers? Do you think they are peonies? They look like peonies... they are my most favourite flower, closely followed by hydrangeas and big, fat, country roses. If someone gave me a bunch of flowers this big I would die and go
to heaven.
Pic from here.

And I also loved this sweet, handpainted notebook from The Paper Dialogues.
Some people are so clever and inspiring...

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