Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been sunning myself...

... in sunny Queensland. I despise winter and this was the first chance to really shed the winter clothes, wear summery dresses and put on my swimmers for the first time this season (eek!).

My husband and I spent the week with friends on Fraser Island, a spectacular sand island with pristine lakes, lush rainforsests, windswept beaches and just a whole lot of general amazing-ness. We are quite into camping and 4wding- no resort accomodation for us this holiday. The best way to enjoy Fraser is to camp and really experience the outdoors. We were away from computers and emails, had no TV, no phone reception and it was truely awesome to disconnect completely & unwind.

This (below) is Lake McKenzie. An inland freshwater lake with pure white sand and clear water. You can see where it drops down deep as the blue darkens. How absolutely beautiful is the colour of the water...?!

Below is a dingo on Eastern beach. We saw a few dingoes on the beach but camped in a fenced campground so we didn't have to worry about them lurking about our camp at night. They are very crafty & cunning and have learned to open food storage containers & rip tents in search of food. You have to be really careful not to leave anything food about for them or receive a $3000 fine from the National Parks & Wildlife Service. When you see them they look so friendly and like any domestic dog, however they can be agressive when provoked- you have to just admire from a distance. The Fraser Island dingoes are the purest of breeds in Australia due to their island habitat.

Shearwaters resting on the beach...
Stormy evening (with a little ribbon of pink sunset).

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