Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a happy week... this nearly-there Christmas week! I have my work's office Christmas party tomorrow- Hooray!
from here.

Wedding Stationery

Very cool wedding stationery designed by the bride and groom themselves, 
Bridgit and Bjorne.


Just because...

Adam and Sophie

I couldn't resist posting these wedding photographs from an Australian wedding in the Yarra Valley. This sweet-looking couple eloped togther with just a couple friends to witness their ceremony. I just adore that sweetpea garland.

 Photography by Wrinkle in Time (NY). See more pictures at Ruffled.

Moss frame DIY

I love this moss frame. So different. DIY instructions here.

Papier D'Amour wreaths

Unique festive wreaths from Papier D'Amour.

Via Life.Styled (the cool new fashion & lifetsyle site created by the previous editor of Madison magazine, Paula Joye, from back when I used to work there -- check it out!)

On the 24th December...

... I shall be making these: Chocolate fruitcake rum balls. Because they are easy, don't require baking, make great little last-minute stocking-fillers (when wrapped with a lovely tag and ribbon). 

I'm also going to make 'Rocky Road' and Vanilla stars, both of which have become a Christmas tradition for me.

Recipes from pretty much the only place I go to for recipes:
[For the Rocky road I usually switch to dark chocolate and loose the biscuit in this recipe for crushed unsalted peanuts]

What about you? Do you have something you always make around Christmas time? 

Rum balls and Rocky Road photographed by Mark O'Mera
Vanilla Stars by Ben Dearnley

Simply Photo

Thoughtful glimpes of everyday life. Visit here.

Apple & Bee

Apple & Bee: Australian owned. Organic fibres. Beautiful designs. Lovely website (with the prettiest intro animation ever). Carbon neutral with a conscience. What more can I say? Oh yes... some of the cosmetic bags are made in an awesome glitter fabric. I LOVE the sparkles (though they don't show up on the website photos). I just bought a black glitter cosmetic bag as a secret santa gift... and want to keep it for myself because I love it so much. I mustn't. I mustn't...

I may need to invest in a tote bag. Perfect to carry to work all those things that don't fit in my handbag such as lunch and magazines... which design to choose though...?

Floral Fields

I would like to be here right now...

Beautiful photographs by Amanda Friedman via Oh Joy! for Preen Magazine

Typography Love

I wish I could create typography as awesome as this hand-drawn type piece by
Seb Lester via I Love Typography. Not only are the swirling, scripted letters simply stunning... they are all made up of tiny stars! Look closely...  Ooooh!!

Sugar & Fluff

Inspiring photos and styling over at events company Sugar&Fluff.
via OhJoy!

Gift tags

Don't forget to print out your own set of these gorgeous, hand-drawn gift tags available for free download over at Eat Drink Chic. Especially cute printed onto brown kraft card.

Christmas DIY

In my search for a pretty Christmas table decoration I found this felt tree DIY. It's pretty simple: round felt cut-outs are pinned onto a foam cone (available at craft stores). You could probably make something similar by rolling cardboard cone and gluing on felt shapes... though I quite like the little pins showing. An occasional pearl-headed pin would possibly crate the look of baubles?

Thank you to Papier Valise for the inspiration.


How sweet is this raindrop mobile? A perfect holiday craft idea for any crafty mammas out there. It was created by Eunice at Hello Lucky and the DIY instructions can be found over at Real Simple.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old things...

I think I like old things better than new things.
Vintage / Industrial goodness from Johanna Vintage.

Tabletop tree

Here's a sweet idea if you don't have the space for a larger Christmas tree. I usually do something like this with twigs I spray-paint white & little dove decorations I bought a couple of years ago. I still haven't set it up yet though, been so busy (again) this week. Crazy at work, U2 concert monday (and Tuesday!) nights, various Christmas Parties with friends on Wednesday and Thursday nights, a long bike-ride Friday night (to burn off all of the party food), parents visiting this weekend. I'm kinda looking forward to after Christmas, some lazy holidays to do sweet-nothing before work 
starts again in the New Year.

How are you feeling leading up the Christmas? 
Hope you're more organised & relaxed than me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Inside Out Christmas

My oh my... the Inside Out cover stopped me in my tracks yesterday. Gorgeous cover... and the Christmas floral arrangements were heavenly...

Floral styling by Saskia Havekes at Grandiflora.

Country Style Christmas

But this must be the most lovely Christmas cover ever, right?
Styled by Glen Proebstel and photographed by Mikkel Vang

Little treats

I was pleasantly surprised to find these simple & stylish gift items at Country Road. Perfect little presents if you're stuck for an idea.

Donna Hay Online store

It's been open for a little while now, very exciting, you may find be some Christmas wish-list items there...
Or Christmas gift items...

Christmas inspiration & Scandinavian style

Have you decorated your house for Christmas yet? I haven't. I don't usually do a lot because our house is small and it looks cluttered (I'm a neat freak!) with lots of fussy decorations. I will do some decorating this weekend though. I usually walk down to the park and find a small fallen branch for my christmas tree, spray paint it white and place it in a glass vase with white pebbles inside. Last year I bought little white dove decorations (oh, now I'm getting excited about putting it together again!) I will take a photo after the weekend, when I have it done.

I've been super inspired by Belinda's decorations over at The Happy Home. If you haven't already been there, take a peak...

Head over to her wonderful blog for lots more Christmas fun.

I also spotted this pretty room on House and Home.
Subtle but well thought out festive elements. I love the Scandinavian style.

Amanda over at Calico & Co (via norske interior blogger) also posted some Scandinavian inspiration. So beautiful. Love it. Love it.
Amanda also has lots of Christmasy things going on over at her blog, so say drop by hello some time. She kindly helped me with the many technicalities of redecorating/reformatting my blog a couple months ago.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jason & Maxine

Love this pic from Angelica Peady Photography
How cool are weddings with sneakers?

More posting tomorrow, goodnight!

This week...

... there's many things to blog about. Christmas things... my new business project... general cool finds... it's getting late though so I'll post it all tomorrow, such a busy weekend I didn't get the chance.

What are you expecting this coming week? My work is going crazy with clients wanting a million jobs done by the end of the year, so I'm thinking some really long hours are pretty much guaranteed. I'm determined to not stress out though.
Just breathe and relax... ahhh. Besides there's (Christmas) lights at the end
of the tunnel. Only three weeks to go!
How mysterious is this photograph? Spotted on ffffound tonight.


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