Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Secret squirrel & sneak peak...

Ok. So I've been keeping things secret too long, so here goes....

I'm soon to be launching an online personalised stationery store,
Peppermint Press. My main focus will be wedding invites which I will offer as "Print it yourself" digital files, all individually typeset with guests names, or a "We print it" service for digital and letterpress printing (no individual guest names for the letterpress of course).

There will also be lots of other fun things in the store if you're not a bride to be: personalised notecards, calling cards, stickers and stamps and well as gift cards and illustrated prints. There's still so much to do in the next month, phew! It's been exhausting getting everything ready while working in a full time, super-busy day job... but there's a little light apprearing at the end of the tunnel
(still, the light is very small).

Here's a sneak peak at how things are going at Peppermint Press...

Two weeks ago I did a little photoshoot of some of my first invitations with Angie
from Angelica Peady Photography. We "borrowed" a friend's field and here's how it turned out:

Some contemporary brights:

Some softer, vintage-sinspired styles:

This one, above, was printed on a nude-coloured shimmer paper. So beautiful in real-life, hard to capture the shimmer nicely on camera. The idea with the invites is that you can dress them up yourself if you want to. I added tiny crystals in the lacey pattern above, can you see?

It was REALLY hot, about 39 degrees (celsuis) on the day, we were literally dripping all over with sweat (ew, gross). It was so uncomfortable. Phew...

Katrina from Petals & Leaves sourced the most beautiful antique coloured roses for me:

I bought my little school desk from a charity store for $10, it was in terrible condition but it scrubbed-up a treat:
Hey Angie, you could have given me some warning so I wouldn't look goofy in my 'behind the scenes' snap... ;-)

I'm pretty happy with how the shoot turned out. I had originally planned to take my own photos. I spent nearly two whole days taking pictures at home... but nearly cried (well, actually, I did cry) when I loaded the images onto my computer. I don't think I'm ever destined to be a professional photographer. They were so dull and flat. I did take the shots inside though. Next time I try to take my own photos, it will be outside for sure!

Here's my logo:
I designed it so the "Stamp" can be seperated from the words 'Peppermint Press' and moved to different positions on my business stationery, etc. I'm having it made into a rubber stamp (on order, should arrive in a week!)

Laura at Trial by Cupcakes did the beautiful calligraphy work for me...

I'll let you know when it's all up and running...! Hooray!
That was quite a sneak-peak, wasn't it?  Ha! So you may think...!
 I didn't even touch the surface. I have about 30 wedding designs tucked away ready for launch day... plus the other personalised stationery items. 
But... ugh... still so much work to do...

So, what do you think??


  1. These are such gorgeous creations! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Thank you so much. I have been looking at my designs for so long that I had begun to wonder if they were actually good anymore! The encouragement is much appreciated!

    I will be sure to swing by Polka Dot bride to submit Peppermint Press to your directory when my website is up and running next month.

  3. your invitations are divine .... they make me want to get married all over again just so I can order some. congratulations on your new venture - I am SURE you will be a huge success. x



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