Friday, February 18, 2011

a crochet rug & other things

I've just stumbled upon a most wonderful online store: Gallop Lifestyle. Love these crochet rugs from Hooked design...

And this divine embroided letter pillow...

And this wooden bike wall decoration which is more in my budget ($60AUD). It's 48cm long and would look oh-so-sweet on a side table or mantlepiece.
but alas, I am window shopping only. I am on a strict budget at the moment as my husband and I save money to move to a new house. We are dreaming up plans for our "forever house", the house we will stay in for hopefully a very, very, very long time. I'm determined to save money as there is nothing I really need. There's lots I want of course, but wants are not important at the moment. I'll keep you posted if anything exciting happens with the house-hunting!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hope you have a lovely week

Here's a little inspiration for today: a sweet bicycle artwork, available from here.

My little vegetable garden

For Christmas I was given a vegetable patch. I'd always wanted to try growing my own veggies and one day I was out with my mother-in-law haunting the local garden centre and spotted these corrugated tub garden beds. Perfect for my little townhouse garden. I received it on Christmas day (thanks Chris!) complete with stinky bags of cow manure and straw mulch to get me started.

Here is is just after Christmas when I set it up:

And here it is now- hooray! 

I'm not a real green thumb -I'm best with plants that look after themselves- but I can manage a little bit of water and fertilizer. Look at my fancy pink 'Brightlights' spinach.
I actually plucked it out last night and baked up a spinach and ricotta tart. Mmmm...

My zuchinni has some white mildew spots due to the humid weather. This little ladybug and some of his mates visited for a while. Maybe he was snacking on the mildew?
I'm also growing lettuce, capsicum, strawberries (have produced two tiny little strawberries, quite pitiful in size but super sweet) and some oregano and garlic chives. I've packed quite a lot into a small space which probably isn't the best thing to do. Everything is fine though apart from the capsicum being crowded out a little by the zuchinni.

It has been lot of fun. There's something so satisfiying about walking out the back garden to pick your own vegetables!

Some pretty packaging

I spotted this packaging today over at Ampersand and just love the design. When I see something that's fresh and different, I feel so inspired. I love the retro-flavoured type and the geometric shapes...

From The Dieline via Ampersand Design blog

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thought and prayers for Queensland

My thoughts and prayers go out tonight to the people of Far North Queensland who are going to be experiencing the worst cyclone in recent history in the next few hours. It's a "category 5" which is the worst possible storm forecast... and the poor Queenslanders have just been through a battering with the floods. Hope they can all stay safe tonight xxx

Photography by Emily Malan

Terrace Falls

Last weekend my husband took me for a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains
(about 1 1/2 hrs west of Sydney) to get me away from the computer for a little while (too many hours working on my new stationery business) were driving me (and him)
a little crazy.

It was so refreshing to get out into nature. I love the outdoors. The Terrace Falls track starts at Hazelbrook (for any Syndeysiders or travellers heading to the Blue Mountains soon) and it was right up there with my favourite bushwalks ever. It was a super-hot day but the walk was shady and rainforesty, dripping with ferns and moss. There were pretty waterways everywhere... glassy ponds, bubbling creeks, deep pools for swimming and of course the falls. I didn't bring my swimming costume, which I kind of regretted... until we reached the falls and I took off my shoes to go paddling in the water. It was FREEZING. We have had such hot weather lately so the water temperature was surprising. Even on a hot summer's day it would have been a challenge to jump into the water, just wading in the shallows made my
feet hurt with cold.

There was one little family there all attempting a summer afternoon's swim. I thought they were chicken at first, not getting right into the water... but later on, when I had taken my own shoes off and dipped my feet in, I understood the shrieks and complaints from the  family.

 Photos by me

If I could sew...

... or if I could make the time to sew, rather, I would make a tiered tulle skirt in dreamy shades like this:

Prettiest tissue pom poms

Tissue pom poms have been all over the blogosphere lately but have you seen these multi-coloured ones? They are so pretty. I love the colours, so soft and tonal.
Follow the tutorial here.

via the lovely Oh Hello friend

Sarah Coleman

I'm really into playful, illustrative design at the moment. I found these eye-popping pink pieces over at Twig & Thistle today... they are by illustrator Sarah Coleman.

DIY pom pom flowers

Simple and pretty DIY idea over at Country Living.

Vintage caravan

Isn't this shiny red caravan just perfect!!? I would love to "renovate" a caravan, it would be such fun... sad thing is I live in a little townhouse with no room to park it... or room to renovate it for that matter. Will just have to look and dream. 
Photography by Stuart McIntyre spotted via Handmade Charlotte

Balloons & innocence

Beautiful children's photography over at Beez.

Melt'm Design Studio

Love the simplicity of this handcrafted silver heart over at Melt'm on Etsy.

White Space

Ahhh... some peaceful-looking places...

All via ffffound

DIY Wine wrap

Now, we Australians would prefer have all things woolly at the back of our minds in this sweltering summer heat but those in the northern hemisphere may appreciate the DIY knitted wine cooler. Such a clever and easy to make idea. Follow the tutorial over at Grey Likes Weddings.

Dingbat Press- sweet valentines

I love these letterpress Valentine's Day cards from Dingbat Press. The Calligraphy is beautiful and the Mumford & Son's lyrics are very cool too...


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