Monday, February 7, 2011

My little vegetable garden

For Christmas I was given a vegetable patch. I'd always wanted to try growing my own veggies and one day I was out with my mother-in-law haunting the local garden centre and spotted these corrugated tub garden beds. Perfect for my little townhouse garden. I received it on Christmas day (thanks Chris!) complete with stinky bags of cow manure and straw mulch to get me started.

Here is is just after Christmas when I set it up:

And here it is now- hooray! 

I'm not a real green thumb -I'm best with plants that look after themselves- but I can manage a little bit of water and fertilizer. Look at my fancy pink 'Brightlights' spinach.
I actually plucked it out last night and baked up a spinach and ricotta tart. Mmmm...

My zuchinni has some white mildew spots due to the humid weather. This little ladybug and some of his mates visited for a while. Maybe he was snacking on the mildew?
I'm also growing lettuce, capsicum, strawberries (have produced two tiny little strawberries, quite pitiful in size but super sweet) and some oregano and garlic chives. I've packed quite a lot into a small space which probably isn't the best thing to do. Everything is fine though apart from the capsicum being crowded out a little by the zuchinni.

It has been lot of fun. There's something so satisfiying about walking out the back garden to pick your own vegetables!

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