Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quote of the day

I'm taking a week's break. You may or may not notice I'm gone. My blogging had been so unreliable of late, hasn't it? I'm terribly sorry. Work is exhausting and we are selling our house, planning to build a new one. Plus working on my stationery business whenever I have a free weekend. Phew. I'm heading to the seaside for a week to take a breather. When I get back the business officially launches. I've been so nervous about it but I stumbled upon this quote yesterday which really spoke to me...

Is there anything you have been putting off that you really need to do?

Chalkboard wall

I really like the idea of having a chalkboard wall at home to write and draw on... but painting a whole wall black frightens me a little. Do you know anyone who has ever had a chalkboard wall for a time but then decided they didn't want it anymore any tried to paint over it with normal house paint? I'm thinking it might be difficult to
paint over..?

I found this picture and loved it. Put it in the "inspiration" folder on my desktop.
A chalkboard that doesn't have to be on your wall forever. Love the square format... and a few pretty lyrics complete the scene.

Tu tu cute...

I don't often blog about children's things but couldn't resist showing you these gorgeous outfits from Tu Tu De Monde. If I ever have a little girl... she shall wear tutus as often as she likes...

Bow necklaces

I have a favourite necklace featuring a swallow cut out from black leather. I found it on the 'freebies' table at Madison Magazine (where I used to work) during Fashion week one year. I couldn't believe it was unwanted! It has become one of my most treasured pieces and I get so many comments when I wear it.

These bow necklaces are a very similar design. A little more simple than my swallow but oh-so-sweet. I found them via Hello Lucky. They are made by Ulala on Etsy and only $16... which colour do you like best?

Illustration inspiration

Simple and quirky drawings by Ilovedoodle. These make me smile.

Found via a favourite haunPolished Objects.

Barn wedding

I stumbled across this beautiful barn wedding the other day via Style Me Pretty.
How amazing is this lighting display?

And here are a few more pics from the day...
Photography by Abby Ross

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy rest of the week

I'm not feeling too well tonight so I'm going to sign-off. Hope the rest of the week is lovely for you. 

My work (my day job) is insanely busy at the moment. I'm sooo exhaused but thankfully do have a little holiday on the horizon. Cannot wait. In two weeks I will be snorkling in the Great Barrier Reef, sunning myself on golden beaches, shopping at markets for inspiring finds and eating and relaxing... and eating and relaxing... and swimming and not doing much else...

Happy hump-day for tomorrow.

Cute picture from we heart it.

Feeling shy

I have to launch my business this weekend. I've done so much work but have been putting if off as I've been feeling a bit shy about my work. That's not going to help me in business is it?!
I'm paranoid that my work is not good enough.

I'm am now booked in however for a bridal magazine ad and some bridal fairs to show my designs, so I'd better get cracking and pull down the holding page from my website.

I made some new designs last weekend because I was stressed that I needed
more options...

I tried a soft chevron pattern which I am quite happy with...

And the same design with an alternative background, a strong black and white, also looks pretty in pastels ... perhaps this colour scheme is too strong? Though some people may like the drama of it.

A bit of 'vintage', though I'm not sure about the different border on the gift registry card in the mauve set below...

Some antique flourishes...

Thoughts anyone? What would be your ultimate wedding invite style? Would you send out any of these for a wedding???? Nervously awaiting any feedback...

Old New Again

If I lived in the US I would HAVE to buy this table by Old New Again.  I have a minor obsession with love-hearts...

Husband and wife team Liz and Rick established their creative/woodworking business after Rick lost his job back in '09. They are now able to support their family doing what they love: making vintage/disressed wooden furniture and decorative pieces for the home. Check out their gorgeous designs at their etsy store.

Thanks to August Empress for the inspiration.

Perfect pink party

A positively elegant party for three year old Ella, daughter of Lovely Little Parties talent Elizabeth. Love the silhouette theme.

Photography by Melanie Mauer. Spotted on on Somewhere Splendid.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye summer...

You are my favourite time of year...

Studio Choo

My favourite kind of flowers are a little unruly, 
as though they have just been plucked from the garden...
These arrangement are by Studio Choo. They have a regular post over at Design Sponge entitled "We Like it Wild". Head over there for more floral eye-candy...

Australian Style...

Beautiful details from Cecile Boston's Melbourne home...

I love the country flavour here and although Cecile is French and brings the occasional European influence, I feel that there's a certain 'Australian-ness' to the home as well. Relaxed and unfussy, with vintage pieces that tell a tale of a time gone by.
The berry / floral arrangement and the heart-shaped stools left me smitten.

Ready the full story and see more pictures at Daily Imprint.


I have such a soft spot for anything personalised. I have blogged about the beautfiul jewellery pieces from The Vintage Pearl before but recently found an Australian company that create hand stamped personalised pieces: Love Stamp.

I love finding neat little online stores and being Australian made makes it even sweeter.

Just because...

I like the rustic charm of this place. Via Le Voyage Creatif

Possibly the most beautiful wedding cake ever...

I stumbled upon this delight from Superfine Bakery in LA via Oh Joy!

Quote of the day

It took me a long time to learn how to do this... 
and sometimes I still forget and doubt myself...


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