Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feeling shy

I have to launch my business this weekend. I've done so much work but have been putting if off as I've been feeling a bit shy about my work. That's not going to help me in business is it?!
I'm paranoid that my work is not good enough.

I'm am now booked in however for a bridal magazine ad and some bridal fairs to show my designs, so I'd better get cracking and pull down the holding page from my website.

I made some new designs last weekend because I was stressed that I needed
more options...

I tried a soft chevron pattern which I am quite happy with...

And the same design with an alternative background, a strong black and white, also looks pretty in pastels ... perhaps this colour scheme is too strong? Though some people may like the drama of it.

A bit of 'vintage', though I'm not sure about the different border on the gift registry card in the mauve set below...

Some antique flourishes...

Thoughts anyone? What would be your ultimate wedding invite style? Would you send out any of these for a wedding???? Nervously awaiting any feedback...


  1. They are gorgeous! No need to be nervous and shy though, because all of your designs are lovely :)

  2. You're designs are fab! Love the chevron especially. I recently launched my own website and had similar feelings, worried my photos weren't good enough but as soon as I clicked go I've been overwhelmed with love and well wishes! Best of luck!!
    p.s. I only just found your blog and I love it!

  3. Thank you for your encouragement. It makes me feel a little less afraid of showing my work to the world!
    Love your site Emma, such a great service you offer... wonderful that it is quite affordable too...



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