Friday, April 22, 2011

Pink Rainbow cake

This cake looks amazing. I have seen a few layer cakes about the blog-world lately but this pastel pink version is something special. Find the recipe and more images
at Call Me Cupcake.

Happy Easter everyone! xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pigeon toe Ceramics

Ceramic string lights = bliss

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. So many exquisite items. See them all here.

Squirrel love

Cutie wood carved squirrels by Enormous Champion...

Crochet bunting

Crochet creations by Emma Lamb. I imagine this bunting would look pretty in a baby's room, or even in a living area if you have a creative / electic styled home. Buy her beautiful work here. I really respect the time that must go into these pieces. I started a crochet blanket last winter and it hasn't been progressing quickly. I must get back into it now that winter's coming round again.

Snidel Spring Summer

Dreamy photography from the Japanese label Snidel's Spring Summer Lookbook. Spotted via the delightful Honey Kennedy.

Story- the store....

I haven't been to my pottery classes for a little while due to working late on various projects at work and not getting home in time for class. I really need to make it to class next week. It's suck a loveyl and relaxing hobby.

How cute are these little ceramic houses from Story?

and tiiiiny mushrooms!

The Cozy Project

Knitted cup holders over at The Cozy Project. A cute gift idea for the cooler months.

via Frolic

Poppies for Grace envelopes

I loooove stationery and I love these coloured tie-up envelopes from Poppies for Grace.

Beg bicycles

I fell off my bike today. It was quite awful. I was riding on a quiet road beside vacant land in the estate where we are building our new house. My bike has quite thin tyres and they caught in a dip in the road. Over I went. I hit my head really hard. Thankfully I has my helmet on or things would have been much worse. I'm a bit sore, bruised, very headachy, grazed arm & leg... luckily my sweet husband was there to 'save' me and give me cuddles and help me up off the road.

I still love my bike though... just a little afraid of my thin road tyres as this wasn't the first time they've caught in a hole in the road or an uneven path. First time falling off though.

If I didn't have my sporty,'get-fit', thin-tyred bike... I'd have something like these gorgeous bicycles from Beg (UK). I stumbled across their site the other day and really enjoyed all of the bicycle eye-candy. Cute website design too.


Country Road Winter 2011

Hello, I'm back from a little break. Lot's has been happening. We've sold our house, finalised the plans for new house we are building, my business Peppermint Press is up and running, my letterpress arrived (finally-hooray!) and I attended a fantastic letterpress printing course last weekend that has left my head swirling with new knowledge, inspiration and a big urge to get 'inky'.

A quiet weekend is planned for this weekend though, as we spend time with family for Easter. What are you doing this Easter weekend?

Things are slowly getting a little chilly in my little part of Australia. About this time of year I become envious of all the northern hemisphere people who are enjoying the start of spring and telling me about how wonderful it is on their blogs [sigh]. I'm such a warm-weather, spring/summer-loving person.

I was a little excited though when a Country Road Winter 2011 postcard arrived in my letterbox. There are a few good things about the cooler weather: snuggly jackets, comfy boots, cozy fires and hot chocolates. I had a nice wintery feeling seeing their fashion shoot (photography by Simon Lekias).


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