Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beg bicycles

I fell off my bike today. It was quite awful. I was riding on a quiet road beside vacant land in the estate where we are building our new house. My bike has quite thin tyres and they caught in a dip in the road. Over I went. I hit my head really hard. Thankfully I has my helmet on or things would have been much worse. I'm a bit sore, bruised, very headachy, grazed arm & leg... luckily my sweet husband was there to 'save' me and give me cuddles and help me up off the road.

I still love my bike though... just a little afraid of my thin road tyres as this wasn't the first time they've caught in a hole in the road or an uneven path. First time falling off though.

If I didn't have my sporty,'get-fit', thin-tyred bike... I'd have something like these gorgeous bicycles from Beg (UK). I stumbled across their site the other day and really enjoyed all of the bicycle eye-candy. Cute website design too.


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