Sunday, May 22, 2011

Choc-chip pancakes with crushed raspberries

Cure tomorrow's monday-itis with dreams of next sunday's breakfast. Chocolate-chip pancakes! Raspberries! I'm in heaven! Head over to Toasty Biscuit for the recipe.

Millie Holloman / Salt Harbor Designs

What can I say? This wedding shoot is stunning. Very wintery, which is appropirate for those of us in the southern hemisphere right now.

Photography: Millie Holloman. Styling: Salt Harbor Designs. Found via: Style me Pretty

See more photos here.


My friend Lauren introduced me to Decoylab recently. Love their bamboo clocks. They also make little bamboo brooches for only $10 if you fancy pinning a little owl, fox, or perhaps a hedgehog to your daily wear. See the full range here.

Floral fancy

Have you ever seen nail-art as fanciful as this before?

Vintage map wallpaper

I love these attic room images. Walls covered with old maps.
The pops of sage and red make it ever-so-fine.

Paula Lopez-Otero ceramics

There's a sweet simplicity to these ceramic vessels by Paula (from her Etsy store here). I think when the new house is built, they may look quite handsome in my kitchen. I like the light turquoise blue. Since I've moved houses I haven't been able to go to my pottery classes... *sigh*...
Next year...

Sweet space

You know when something catches your eye and you're now sure why?

I think it's everything. The mirror, the lounge, the linen...

From Cortney Bishop's house via Design Sponge

Butterfly art

I spotted this amazing artwork over on Freshly Blended the other day. The 'Butterflies Eye View' installation, by Eiji Watanabe was made from thousands of butterflies, cut from field guides. More images here.

I have a quite a dislike for cutting things out as it's so fiddly and I'm much too impatient.
This installation earns a lot of admiration from me...

Nina Campbell, iPhone wallpapers

More iPhone treats! I'm going to update my wallpaper with these 
Nina Campbell beauties. See all of the designs here.

Cartolina iPhone treats

I blogged about Cartolina a looong time ago when their first iPhone app was launched. There have been new designs added since then. Such a unique and pretty way to brighten up your text messages.

Moving and changing

Alas, dear friends I have returned to The Bower after quite a hiatus. We have sold our house. Moved to the coast (living with family until the new house is built). I've packed up my little business (Peppermint Press) into three crates (two for papers and supplies, one for Ruby the Letterpress). I guess I'm lucky the business is a) online and b) stationery, so it's easy to pack up and move about.

I do feel a little bit lost though. We've just been offered a house-sitting position back in Sydney for a three months. It's much closer to work so we will take up the opportunity. The offer popped up all of a sudden, so after only two weeks of being unpacked, next weekend we will be re-packing and back to the city. Living out of suitcases and crates (ugh!) At least, in the end, we will have a lovely new house to move into...

There has also been some sad moments recently as well with not one but two lovely collegues leaving my work (the day job). Another unexpected change... I'll really miss the girls and the fun (and baking + cookies) they bring to the office.
Miss you Kerry and Rachel xx


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