Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moving and changing

Alas, dear friends I have returned to The Bower after quite a hiatus. We have sold our house. Moved to the coast (living with family until the new house is built). I've packed up my little business (Peppermint Press) into three crates (two for papers and supplies, one for Ruby the Letterpress). I guess I'm lucky the business is a) online and b) stationery, so it's easy to pack up and move about.

I do feel a little bit lost though. We've just been offered a house-sitting position back in Sydney for a three months. It's much closer to work so we will take up the opportunity. The offer popped up all of a sudden, so after only two weeks of being unpacked, next weekend we will be re-packing and back to the city. Living out of suitcases and crates (ugh!) At least, in the end, we will have a lovely new house to move into...

There has also been some sad moments recently as well with not one but two lovely collegues leaving my work (the day job). Another unexpected change... I'll really miss the girls and the fun (and baking + cookies) they bring to the office.
Miss you Kerry and Rachel xx

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