Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Take time out -part 2

Things I did on my day at home:

1. Made muffins. Date muffins. See here for recipe.
4. Pressed Letters.
I haven't spend much time with Ruby the letterpress so I was determined to practice a wedding invite today. I haven't had any plates made yet but found the plastic plates for the L Letterpress machine worked with my Adana. I figured it was a easy way to practice before designing and ordering my own letterpress plates. I hand set the type using old lead type from ebay. The bottom image is part of a notelet and personalised stationery card range that I'm working on for my shop. I am going to offer notecard sets with a blind impression name in the lower corner. I just need to source envelopes and will add them to my website. 

3. Forced Paperwhites.
I found tutorials for planting Paperwhites indoors last year but was too late in the season to buy the bulbs. This year I was ready. I have little sprouts at the moment but in abut 6 weeks they will look like this:
For how-to information and ideas on other bulbs you can try indoors, read the Real Simple tutorial here.

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